Fuel Saving

You can measure the fuel efficiency of an individual driver or the entire fleet with the help of clear online dashboard view in real time and reports.You can analyse details of their driving behavior that gives you greater control and enables you..


Vehicle Tracking

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Real Time (Tracking)

Increase management efficiency through quick identification of equipment position.Allows dispatcher to accurately see position and status of support equipment. Accurately account for project costs through monitoring.. 



Presents the next generation in “In monitoring system” that will transform the way you work

Mission Statement

Eyetrack's aim is to provide professional satellite tracking services for vehicle fleet management system. We are committed to teamwork-based environment offering high-quality services and comprehensive Customer satisfaction

We believe in taking a fresh approach towards operating and fleet management of our client's vehicle capacity, while retaining the fine traditions of cost effectiveness and live monitoring of its fleet. We work to provide quick and requirement specific response to all the enquiries while manifesting a clear and consistent approach to business minimizing inherent hierarchical complexities (abuse of company resources).  

We are committed to provide the customer with the highest quality in real-time tracking, Fuel monitoring, history play-back, Distance traveled, GPS location, Trip detailed reports, Speed and photo Reports service all at just the click of a button and while maintaining it's stature as one of the leading Satellite service company of Zimbabwe.