Fuel Saving

You can measure the fuel efficiency of an individual driver or the entire fleet with the help of clear online dashboard view in real time and reports.You can analyse details of their driving behavior that gives you greater control and enables you..


Vehicle Tracking

Effective brand communication employs simplicity and clarity. It elicits a reaction. It fulfils a promise by delivering a reward. It understands a problem by providing a solution. But, most important of all, it differentiates your brand.

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We would like to thank the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and the Vehicle Theft Squad (VTS) in cooperation with Eyetrack Satellite Tracking team for a job well done on recovery of our clients stolen vehicle. The vehicle was reported stolen on the 31st of December 2013 at 12:00hrs and it took us less than 4hrs to recover the vehicle. The car hijackers are in police custody and suffered serious gun-shots wounds as they tried to escape and got shot in the process.
The vehicle was recovered in the rural areas of Murehwa where the hijackers had fled to having joy-rides.


Since we started working with EyeTrack Satellite Tracking Solutions(2015), the tracking of our vehicles has been very efficient as instant updates are received electronically on over speeding and monitoring of off route vehicles. They offer very competitive prices on fleet management.


EyeTrack is a registered company which provides fleet management and tracking services to Softex tissue products. We have worked with them for the last 5 years upto now and their service is professionally unquestionable.



Presents the next generation "In monitoring system" that will transform the way you work

These days each Logistics Company has different goals and objectives, however all companies share the overriding desire to improve the quality and safety of their transportation infrastructure. This calls for a robust system that can help companies to monitor and communicate with their vehicles in real time. To address these real time needs, EYE-TRACK provides vehicle, personal and asset monitoring systems to enhance the existing vehicle operations and to make tracking simpler, effective and accurate than ever before in the comfort of your space


Personal tracking devices are valuable for commercial or private applications. Some tracking devices for people, like a teen tracker, are suitable for covert tracking. Small enough to be hidden in a bag or purse.

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Eye track system has a lot of potential for farmers to monitor the movement of livestock throughout the landscape. Plot grazing patterns and see what areas the livestock have been depleting nutrients in the soil.



Our tracking devices being a privileged partner to the OEM, We present highly reliable and cost effective tracking device to cater for your specific needs. We offer devices which work on GSM network or on dual mode..

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