Fuel Saving

You can measure the fuel efficiency of an individual driver or the entire fleet with the help of clear online dashboard view in real time and reports.You can analyse details of their driving behavior that gives you greater control and enables you..


Vehicle Tracking

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We would like to thank the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and the Vehicle Tracking Squad (VTS) in cooperation with Eyetrack Satellite Tracking team for a job well done on recovery of our clients stolen vehicle. The vehicle was reported stolen on the 31st of December 2013 at 12:00hrs and it took us less than 4hrs to recover the vehicle. The car hijackers are in police custody and suffered serious gun-shots wounds as they tried to escape and got shot in the process. The vehicle was recovered in the rural areas of Murehwa where the hijackers had fled to having joy-rides.


Presents the next generation in “In monitoring system” that will transform the way you work


• A single web portal interface to monitor and manage the entire fleet.

• An in built vehicle maintenance module to facilitate alerts on vehicle services and part change.

• Objective, transparent odometer (mileage) reporting

• Integration into the backend system through secure interfaces 

• Driver identification • Quality tracking using GPS and GPRS network with an inbuilt battery to prevent any data loss.


Eye track gets you also the vehicle data and fuel efficiency, carbon emissions and driving events such as harsh braking, speed and idling.


• You can measure the fuel efficiency of an individual driver or the entire fleet with the help of clear online dashboard view in real time and reports 

 • You can analyse details of their driving behavior that gives you greater control and enables you to start making fuel savings- once you can see where idling, speeding and harsh braking is wasting fuel. 

• Reduce Vehicle and fuel abuse


• Eye track allows an administrator to set up triggers so when a device crosses a geo fence and enters the defined boundaries an sms or email alert is sent to defined administrator.

• When a truck drivers defaults from his route, the dispatcher receives an alert.

• Each vehicle can be mapped to a single or defined number of drivers.

• Sms and email alerts on customers set parameters can be sent to defined number of people.

• Flexible to draw “Geo fencing” and set alert parameters.


• Increase management efficiency through quick identification of equipment position.

• Allows dispatcher to accurately see position and status of support equipment.

• Accurately account for project costs through monitoring, reporting of support equipment activities and time.

• Effectively manages equipment tracking all events action and component.

• Prevent catastrophic failures and cost of overrun with streaming, polling and alarm notification


• Eye track provides you with an extensive range of vehicle tracking reports so that you can use this information processes, increase efficiency and drive down on fuel expenditure.

• Daily, weekly and monthly reports of movements can be pulled at single click of a button

• In depth reports on drivers behavior

• Get rid of tracking in black spot areas. 

• Customize your report tools based on requirements

• Historical data can be stored in the black box for 6 months.


We offer custom solutions for various organizations countrywide such as :

• Travel and tour operator

• Transportation, haulage and taxi operators.

• Construction equipment and units.

• Private and executive vehicles

• Company vehicles.

• Driving schools vehicles.

• Leasing and car rental companies.


• It monitors when, where and how your vehicles are being used and allows you to generate precise, reliable reports based on several separate parameters which are logged by the eye track system

• Those include but are not limited to driving time, trip reports and private mileage.

• Eye track vehicle tracking system informs you which employee is closet to any new assignment as well as giving you instant access to important vehicle information and driving behavior information such as speed, mileage and fuel consumption and makes your business more efficient.

• From optimizing individual driving behavior to monitoring efficiency across the fleet, our vehicle tracking systems gives you all the tools you need to generate instant

• Tracking and stolen vehicle recovery


• Eye track reports gives you access to read real time and historical trips date on start time and end time, location, distance and idle time.

• This helps you to plan and timetable more efficiently manage payroll and spot problems early and send the closet team to each new job in order to minimize on mileage


• Is a function which allows companies which rely on transportation in their business to reduce the risks associated with the vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff overhead costs.

• EYE TRACK comes with a web based and desktop software, GPS, GPRS and satellite that allows you to track, monitor and manage your fleet from anywhere within your comfort.